Cheryl Lynne Mohr

Early Childhood

Cheryl Orcholski- 3 years old 1965

In 1965 Cheryl's family moved to 3337 South 87th Court, Milwaukee, WI 53227. The next 15 years Cheryl would spend countless hours with her brothers and the neigborhood boys playing football, basketball and baseball.

Grade School 1966-1973

Cheryl's (back row 1st on left) brothers, Jay ( back row 4th from left) and Steve (front row 1st on left) were in Cub Scouts and played softball. This picture was taken after a game. As you can see Cheryl and her brothers spent hours outside in the sun playing sports.

Cheryl and her brother's have a very close relationship with their grandmas. Grandma Gladys on the left and Grandma Helen on the right. Grandma Helen passed away in 1994. Grandma Gladys passed away in 2012.

At age 10 Cheryl began bowling. It was through this sport she developed a mental toughness and the ability to concentrate that would later assist her as she was ranked 2nd in the nation in Freethrows at Arkansas. Cheryl, age 14, (shown 2nd from the right) won a bowling tournament in Milwaukee, WI.

Cheryl shooting baskets in her driveway. It was in this very driveway where she developed her skills to take her game to the next level of play. HLC now implements a program called "THE DRIVEWAY DRILL WORKOUT PROGRAM".

High School 1976-1980

In 1976 a rule was passed that freshman could play varsity sports. Cheryl was the first freshman to make a varsity team at Hamilton High School. During her freshman year she made a commitment to develop her skills. After the season she would work out every day after school in her driveway. This paid off. As time past she continue to take her game to another level and would eventually play college basketball at Arkansas and professionally with the Columbus Minks.

Cheryl as a senior in high school, 1980.

During Cheryl's senior year (1979 -1980) Hamilton High School went 12 - 0 to win the City Conference Title. They went on to win regionals and sectionals and make it back to state. Cheryl is holding the basketball on the ladder.

College 1980-1984

Cheryl attended the University of Arkansas on a full scholarship. During her first year there they were only 11-18. Over the next 3 years Cheryl and her teammates laid the foundation for the Lady Razorback Basketball Program. They went 67 - 27 the next 3 seasons. Cheryl was all conference, 2nd in the nation in Freethrows and in 2001 was named to the 15 Member Silver Anniversary Team.

Cheryl shooting a freethrow at Barnhill Arena.

Cheryl and her mom after a game.

Athletes in Action 1983/1988

In 1983 Cheryl traveled to Brazil and in 1988 to Ziare with Athletes in Action. Cheryl stats, "Traveling to these countries opened my eyes to another world. Most of the people live in poverty and do not have much. Seeing this really helps you keep things in perspective."

PROS 1984

In April of 1984 Cheryl realized her dream when she was drafted in the 4th round to play for the Columbus Minks.

Cheryl is in the first row, 2nd from left.

Cheryl with Holly, who would come watch us play in Dallas.

UW-FOND DU LAC Continuing education 1990-2013

In January of 1990 Cheryl went to the Fond du Lac YMCA with an idea to teach private baseketball lessons. In the fall of 1990 Cheryl taught a Coaching Basketball Class under the Late Mary Kelley at the UW-Fond du Lac Campus.

In the fall of 1991 Cheryl joined the staff in the UW-Fond du Lac Continuing Education department and began teaching The Basketball Skills Class.
Over the next few years boys and girls from all over the eastern side of Wisconsin came to the FDL YMCA and the UW-FDL CE to take basketball lessons from Cheryl.

This program ran from 1990 - 2013.

Higher Level Camps 1995-Present

As the programs at the UW-FDL Campus and YMCA continued to grow, Cheryl met with Kim McCollum and her shared her thoughts with Kim. "When I was growing up I remember watching Nadia (gymnastics) and Kris Evert Lloyd (tennis). I marveled at their athletic ability and how they dominated their sport. I always wondered why there were no basketball programs for girls to develop their skills and take their game to the next level." Kim responded, "Why don't you try to start some teams and camps for girls in the area?"

As Cheryl and Kim began to process the idea of giving girls the opportunity to play for HLC, Cheryl knew she would have to offer something other than being on a team and playing games, and Higher Level Camps (HLC) was born.

Over the years HLC has stayed on the cutting edge and gives boys and girls the opportunity to develop their game through practices, games, camps and individual workout program.

In 1995 HLC began with 2 traveling teams and 44 camp participants and the rest is history.

In 1995 - 2003 we would go to UW-Stout in July for the Great Lakes Shootout. They would have opening ceremonies and all the athletes would walk in as they were introduced. Each year somebody would sing God Bless the USA. The excitement and energy in that gym was something to see. Yes, we are proud to be Americans.

2007 Girls Elite Team - Cheryl coached these young ladies.