From Our Parents

"My son played in your program this past summer and it was his first year. Although the team record was not great, his progress had been fantastic and he is doing really well on his school team this year. I want to thank all of you for that. He also plays baseball and I was not going to have him play both this summer, but the results are undeniable and I would like for him to play again. Thank you for your time and for what you have already done."

Michael Ford

Hubertus, WI

"Hi Cheryl and your awesome support team ā€“ Today's Rat Kickoff Classic was a blast! Thanks for providing a fun day to bond as a new HLC team! The food, the flow, and inspirational recruiting
talk from Cheryl to the boys ā€“ it was all top shelf! It does take a village to raise our boys these days, Iā€™m sure happy we are in this together. Take Care and God Bless"

Jean Norgaard

Franklin, WI

"Thank you for the phone call. Zach is doing well. he is attending UW-Sout majoring in Health, Wellness and Nutrition. His plan is to become a personal trainer and run a gym at some point. He is also on the football team.
I know he would like for me to tell you and the HLC how much he enjoyed playing each summer. He made some lasting friendships and views the HLC experience as a very positive one. The information you gave us regarding college recruitment directly led to his opportunity to play college football. We are very thankful to you and your staff for giving us the direction we needed in order for him to pursue his goal of participating in college athletics.
We wish you, your staff and players all the best. If asked, we would not hesitate to recommend you to another family looking for an opportunity for their child to play summer basketball."

Shelley Koch

Delavan, WI

"Completely impressed with the direct communication I receive from HLC. My questions were always taken seriously and answered promptly. I did research, visited a practice, a skills and drills and a tournament. HLC made both my daughter and myself feel welcomed, and the values of HLC are definitely something that makes me proud to be part of the HLC family!"

Lynn Kolling

Phelps, WI

""I just thought you would like to hear comments from the tournament this weekend. the parents love the team. The kids get along so well. They treat each other with respect. I think this is a tribute to you. You have set the tone for equal playing time. Again, thank you for all that you do.""

Lori TenDolle

Sheboygan, WI

""Endless thanks for your dedication and passion. H.L.C., the coaches, families, and love you bring together are priceless memories. Second to none! Gods Blessings.""

Adam and Sara Case

Fond du Lac, WI

""Thank you so much for the instruction and mentoring you have given to Katie, Becky and Sarah through the years. You run a great program and the kids do learn a lot and improve. We will miss HLC and the all the summer Adventures. Thank you again.""

Bill and Julie Ratajczyk

Reedsburg, WI

"Katy has also been named one of the captains for the year. She also continues to get some inquiries about basketball in college. Most recent has been William Penn in Iowa. She has actually been playing telephone tag with the assistant coach. She seems to have some interest that she hasn't shown before about playing after high school."

Jim Banovich

West Bend, WI

"Thanks for the many years of enjoyment watching the girls playing the sport we all love so much. Thanks again for all you did for our family and the girls. We loved every second of it."

Jerry Genzmer

Horicon, WI

"As you know, HLC helped both Annie and Joe find their respective schools and helped with their athletic achievements. While we were aware of Macalester, playing tournaments in the Twin Cities allowed us to schedule school visits and allowed the basketball coach a chance to watch Annie play. We found Bellarmine while planning our trip to Louisville for Joe's tournamnets there. As HLC teaches, Joe marketed himself to the track and basketball coaches. While the basketball program showed only modest interest in him, the track and cross country coach was very interested and invited him onto the team.

This is from the Bellarmine cross country web site preview from the coach:

Vargo called his freshman class "outstanding" and noted this of freshman walk-ons Joseph Drabot, Jacob Drescher and Nathan Savoree: "I can't think of a walk-on who we've had in the last five to ten years who is comparable to even one of them, and we've got three of them. They've come in right out of the gate and are ones you can tell have a shot at being in the top seven at the end of the year."

HLC was a great experience for us. Not only did we make great friendships and share great times, it provided an opportunity for Annie and Joe to become better athletes, and assist with their academic pursuits."

Larry Drabot

Cedarburg, WI

"I hope all is well and HLC is doing well also. I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner on this. I am going to have to put in my resignation "per say" from serving on the board of HLC. It has been a wonderful experience and my family and I are tryly blessed to have had the opportunity to be associated with such a great organization as HLC. I just feel that the time has come with both Quinn and Chase's interest focused on other priorities in their lives that I take the time to do the same for me and Deb as well. I want to thank you and Bob for all your hard work and dedication to the sport of basketball and to all the kids and parents who have had the opportunity to enjoy it through the HLC experience. I know that both Quinn and Chase will always cherish the memories and friendships that they made during their time with HLC as well and Deb and me too.

If there is anything that i can ever do to help you out please don't hesistate to call or email me. Thank you again for everything and please know that I will continue to promote the HLC experience to families looking for a great opportunity for their kids and family as well."

Joe Ruddell

Watertown, WI