From Our Students

"I am attending Ripon College and I will be running Track and Field. I played for HLC for 1 year and I found out that I could be a very versatile player."

Taylor Wegner

"I played for HLC for 3 years. HLC was a great experience for me. It helped me to develop my skills in every position on the court. I also will have memories being part of HLC that I will never forget. Friendships, traveling to tournaments and HLC's overnight camp."

Jordan Adamson

"Playing for HLC was a great experience with great memories. Coach Minnema was a fantastic coach. He helped me improve my confidence and my skill set in all parts of my game to become a complete basketball player."

Clayton Polinske

"I will be attending Marin Luther College and Play basketball there as well. I played for HLC for 2 summers. HLC helped take my game to the next level both physically and mentally. I had a blast making new friends and competing in high level tournaments that pushed me to become a better player and prepare me for varsity level basketball."

Jack Heichelbech

""I had a great time the seven years I played with HLC. I still wish I could play every summer. Back in grade school when I first started HLC I was very tall and a post player. By the time I was a senior in high school I had not grown at all and I believe HLC made me a better all around player so I did not have to be in the post anymore. HLC also made me realize that you must stick to a system if you want to be successful in life.""

Anthony Minnema

Wisconsin Lutheran College

""Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, not only this season, but for the past three years I've been playing for HLC. You have taught me not only the skills on the floor, but skills I will use in my everyday life. I look forward to keeping in touch with you through the years and wish you the best. THANK YOU.""

Hailey Taylor

Beloit College

"HLC was a great experience for me. From my work ethic to my scoring. It really boosted my game."

Josh Wallrich

Bradley University

"I was involved with HLC for four years. Throughout those four years, I came to realize how much the little things that HLC stresses really do matter in taking my game to the next level. with HLC, I was able to see first hand how big the world of basketball really is."

Amber Lisowe

Lawrence University

"Great people. Great competition. Great experience. Great improvement."

Jacqui Landry

Michigan Tech College

"It was a great experience. I met a lot of amazing people and took my game to a higher level."

Samantha Landry

Edgewood College

"HLC was a great learning experience. I learned many new things to bring my game and played against great competition that will help me be successful in my high school season, and hopefully at the collegiate level as well."

Brandon Knudtson

Beloit College