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As a youth Cheryl Mohr grew up in Milwaukee playing basketball outside on the playgrounds and developing her skills in her driveway.   From 1990 – 2013 Cheryl Mohr taught private and group basketball lessons at the FDL-YMCA and  UW-FDL’s Campus Continuing Education Program.   The same program she did in her driveway as a youth.   HLC began in 1995 from the families who participated in these lessons.  As HLC has grown through the years, HLC is offering SHOOTING SESSIONS for all HLC and non HLC participants through Zoom or Facetime.

“The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, and move.” John Wooden


Maddy’s Review: Hello, I am doing HLC for the first time. I have had a great time having virtual basketball lessons with Coach Tara. She has helped me grow with basketball and she has helped me with drills, the rules of the game, and the mental side of the game. Coach Tara recommended I read Mind Gym, a great book, and from that book, I learned from Yogi Berra that 90% of the game is mental and the other half is physical. Thank you for everything Coach Tara!

Scott and Amy’s Review: This is our first year in HLC and we have had a wonderful experience thus far. Our daughter recently picked up an interest in basketball; however, she had previously only played recreationally. We are thankful to HLC for welcoming us into the community and immediately supporting our daughter’s growing passion through virtual basketball lessons. Our daughter met virtually with Coach Tara weekly and worked on everything from learning the rules of the game, terminology, drills, health and wellness, and had impactful discussions around the game’s mental side. The relationship our daughter has formed and the things she has learned have built her confidence and helped her in countless ways. We look forward to continuing the virtual lessons even as the season starts as they have become something we all look forward to and really make us feel like a part of the HLC family.


Virtual Shooting Clinics

  • by appointment only
  • for all players who would like to improve the mechanics and fundamentals of their shooting form
  • During the session players can expect evaluation and feedback on their current shooting form, drills and shooting workouts to complete in between sessions, and reflection and goal setting to enhance their shooting efficiency
  • HLC AAU Team participants- fee
  • $30: 2- 20 minute sessions
  • NON HLC AAU Team Participants- fee
  • $40: 2- 20 minute sessions
  • in your own driveway
  • call or text Tara Putnam 530-604-6674 (c) or email at