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As a youth Cheryl Mohr grew up in Milwaukee playing basketball outside on the playgrounds and developing her skills in her driveway.   From 1990 – 2013 Cheryl Mohr taught private and group basketball lessons at the FDL-YMCA and  UW-FDL’s Campus Continuing Education Program.   The same program she did in her driveway as a youth.   HLC began in 1995 from the families who participated in these lessons.  As HLC has grown through the years, HLC is now offering THE BEST IS YET TO COME MEMBERSHIP.

Created by Coach Carl Bahr, a program with 3 different areas we will be focusing on: BECOMING A SHARP SHOOTER, BALL HANDLING/ DRIBBLING and CORE TRAINING. Level 1 and 2 are available now with 3 workouts at each level. Each area has 6 workouts for a total of 18 workouts.  Next fall there will be Levels 3 and 4 available with another 3 workouts at each level for a total of 36 workouts.